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How to use dermaroller for acne scars at home?

How to use dermaroller for acne scars at home?

The hormonal changes, growing pollution, inadequate sleep, improper diet, and many more, contributes to skin problems such as acne scars, stretch-marks, hyperpigmentation, etc. Though there can be enormous reasons for your growing skin problems, yet the solution is only one- dermarollers.

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What is derma-rolling?

Also referred to as micro-needling or collagen induction therapy, it is one of the best treatment for reducing scars, acne, wrinkles, stretch marks and many other skin problems. The roller contains small needles, which activates the healing process by making slight penetrations to the outer layer of your skin. This process helps in generating collagen and melanin, which further helps in repairing of skin effectively.

microneedle on skin - elimiscar treatment

Professionals, doctors, and dermatologists count on dermarollers for eliminating scars completely. However, now you can use this ‘magical’ treatment at your home too!

How to use dermaroller at home?


Step1: Get Ready

Elimiscar dermaroller device microneedle system

Before you start with the process, consider these two points.

  • Make sure to buy a dermaroller which do not put unnecessary strain on your skin.
  • Assure the product you are using is sterilized and contains medical grade stainless steel needles.

If everything is perfect, you can start with treatment!

Step2: Disinfection

dermaroller disinfection

For best results, first start with disinfecting of your dermaroller. It is recommended to sterilize the roller head for at least one minute (before and after). You can use Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol to disinfect your device.

Step 3: Cleanup

Next, you need to clean the skin surface thoroughly. For this, you can use a cleanser to remove the excess of dirt and oil.

 facial cleansing

If your skin is highly sensitive or you cannot resist mild pain, it is advisable to use a numbing cream (suggested by your doctor).


Step 4: Roll it lightly

dermarolling treatment

It’s time to start with your own dermaroller and rejuvenate your skin. You need to be very cautious. Apply gentle pressure on the device and start rolling it back and forth. Move it in different directions, i.e. vertical, horizontal and diagonal) for two to three times. Also, make it move across your skin in circular directions, so that you cover the whole surface ideally.

dermaroller usage-Elimiscar Treatment

Step 5: Moisturize your skin

Once you are done with the rolling process, wash your face with a mild cleanser. It will remove all the traces, making your skin clean. There are chances that you will face reddening of skin!

facial cleansing 

Don’t worry, everything is normal! You can apply a light moisturizer, if needed.

Note: Don’t apply makeup immediately after treatment. As your skin has gone through micro-punctures, these products can cause infection. So, wait at least for one hour before you try your favorite cosmetics.

Dermarollers are well known for their tremendous results. In some cases, astounding results were observed within 7-10 days of their first treatment. It is clinically safe and most effective, resulting in smoother, brighter, and healthier skin!

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