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ELIMISCAR Dermaroller for Deep Acne Scars?

Dermaroller for Deep Acne Scars?

Acne is so common that it is now being considered a normal part of growing, from a teen to an adult. In fact, a study revealed that about 17 million people in the United States have acne. The penetration of acne breakouts deep in the skin, damages it and the tissue beneath. When the body tries to repair this damage caused by acne, the body produces collagen — a substance that gives the skin support. During this healing process, if the body produces too little or too much collagen, a scar is created. This scarring often occurs in a way that creates a pit in the skin.

Acne scars are like double punishment — first, deal with the pimples, and then you have that red mark as a reminder.

Treating acne scars

In most of the cases, the scars that are left behind, eventually fade with time without the need for treatment. Yet, in a few other instances, these become a serious skin trouble for people and needs to be treated. But, these treatments are so very expensive that not everybody can afford them. A much better and a low-cost deep acne scar treatment gaining widespread popularity in about every corner of the Globe is the Dermaroller Therapy.

What is a Dermaroller?

Elimiscar Surgical Stainless Steel Dermarolling System Elimiscar Surgical Stainless Steel Dermarolling System


Introduced by a German scientist in 2000, Derma Roller has been one of the most effective treatment for scars since more than a decade now. The Dermaroller is a rolling device with tiny surgical needles on it. The needle sizes range from 0.5mm to 2.5mm. The needle size 1.5mm is suitable for deep acne scar treatment at home and 2.0 or 2.5mm needle size for professional deep acne treatment. The reason why people prefer Dermaroller over any other treatment is because it is easy to use, really effective with no side effects and a cost effective technique.

Dermaroller Treatment

How do Dermaroller works?

The Dermaroller therapy uses tiny micro-surgical needles to puncture the skin. The needles, usually are made up of surgical stainless steel- safe and recyclable. The Dermaroller do not put any strain on the skin and helps form collagen in the dermis without damaging the epidermis (Outermost skin layer). The Dermaroller is a powerful treatment that makes your body do all the work itself, when it comes to reducing the deep acne scarring.

How dermaroller works

Effects of Dermaroller

The effectiveness of the Dermaroller treatment can be proved by the fact that about 86% of patients with grade 1-3 scars had marked improvements after undergoing this treatment.

Through the holes created by the Dermaroller needles, the users experience constant skin rejuvenating effect. With its reparative power, your skin becomes smoother and brighter. Users can notice changes - diminishing scars and cellulite smoothing.

The process involved in the Dermaroller therapy is a fairly pleasant experience as a topical anesthetic is applied to the area being treated which does not let you feel the micro-medical needles piercing through the epidermis.

deep acne and acne scars treatment

As said, it has minimal or no side effects. Within two or three days of the treatment, the skin will have healed itself and you will see how the treatment has diminished the scar marks.

The best part is that the Dermaroller treatment not only treats acne scars, but it is also an effective cure for other skin-related problems like stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, pores, wrinkles, etc.

By using Dermaroller, you can rejuvenate your skin naturally and magically.

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