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ELIMISCAR Dermaroller for Acne Before and After?

Dermaroller for Acne Before and After

Dermaroller! Dermaroller! Dermaroller! After learning from various sources, I finally decided to give Dermaroller a try! As I have already tried almost every other option, it was the only choice left for me to get rid of my scary look. Hi, I am Maria- a 25 years old lady who was suffering from acne scars, since last 5 years.

Skin Dermarolling Treatment

This is my story through which I’d like to share with you, how this small magical instrument changed my entire life.

Everybody knows that if teenage is an age of fun, it also brings with it a lot of misery, in the form of ACNE. So does happened with me! With the initial period of my teenage, I started getting acne over my face that gradually started getting worse, day-by-day. My entire face sooner turned into a lump with red spots. They caused me pain, irritation and itching. Many times, I used to prick those pimples, as I hated those on my face but they ruined my look.

Besides the physical pain, I greatly suffered from emotional distress. Wherever I went, those starry eyes followed me as if I wasn’t from their planet. Hey! What has happened to your face - everyone had this same question for me. I started hiding from people, missed all kind of social events and even bunked my classes. I did whatever I could to stay away from people. All I know is that it was the worst time of my life.

I tried various treatments - natural remedies, cosmetics, medicos, but they all proved useless for me. I not only lost my patience and confidence, but I also wasted a lot of money. I had some knowledge about the laser therapy for skin treatments but running out of money, I was unable to opt for it. Finally, I get to know about the Microneedling therapy and the Dermaroller. Though, I tried it with no-hope, yet it was the best decision of my life, I now believe.

Let me tell you all about the Dermaroller.

What is Dermaroller and how does it works?

Dermaroller is a small handheld tool, which looks somewhat like a small paint roller and contain up to 200 Micro-needles that come in different sizes. These surgical steel needles are Gamma sterilized and are completely safe. Besides treating acne scars, an excellent non-surgical tool that treats various skin conditions like ageing, (wrinkles, stretching), hyperpigmentation, alopecia, and even pregnancy stretch marks. Dermaroller is also very cost effective as compared to other skin treatments.

Dermaroller works on the mechanism of Skin needling, which is “Mesotherapeutic” -means to apply non-surgical medicinal techniques to the “middle layer” of the skin. Dermaroller helps build up collagen in the dermis of the skin without hurting the outer layer.

collagen stimulation


The cool part is that it can be used at home also. So, as per the advice of my dermatologist, I started using the Dermaroller. Derma roller should be used at least once per week. I used the needle of length 1.5mm, as suggested. The doctor told me to keep a gap of 6 weeks between every use. With every use, I could see visible changes on my face. They were actually getting better and finally, Derma roller gave me back my look - a beautiful and spotless face. As a result of its reparative power, my skin has now become smoother, suppler and brighter. Now, people ask me ‘WOW! What has happened to your face?’  

dermarolling treatment before and after

Really, Dermaroller has changed my life, in fact is has given me my life back!

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